20 Years

Omega Medical Research, one of the nation’s leading dedicated research centers in Rhode Island celebrates its 20th anniversary of operations. Two decades of experience have transformed Omega Medical Research from a new venture into a successful women owned company that is committed to providing access to the latest pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology clinical trials to our community.

Johnna A. Pezzullo, BSN, RN, a graduate of Rhode Island College  and Lynne A. Haughey, MSN, FNP, a graduate of University of Rhode Island founded Omega Medical Research in October 1993. “Omega Medical Research is proud to be the longest standing research center that has been serving RI for the past 20 years.  Our mission is to make accessible to the community new and cutting edge medicines, devices and therapies for people who suffer from various medical conditions.” said President and CEO, Johnna Pezzullo. “For 20 years we have had over 18,000 volunteers participate in our clinical trials.  Because of their participation these volunteers have helped bring many FDA approved medications to the general public. We look forward to continuing to bring new and exciting clinical trials to Rhode Island for many years to come.”

Omega Medical Research has conducted over 450 clinical trials from Phase I to Phase IV and has expanded in the areas of Women’s Health, Dermatology, Urology, Gastroenterology, and Pediatrics since its inception.   David L. Fried, MD, FACP joined Omega in 1996 and serves as the Chief Principal Investigator and Medical Director. 

Throughout the period of its existence, Omega Medical Research has earned a reputation of performing clinical trials awarded with excellent quality, while maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity. The company conducts clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies and provides investigational treatments for specific medical conditions. Twenty years of groundbreaking scientific advances have been possible only because of participation of volunteers. 

The company is leading the way into the next twenty years. “Much of the success of our company can be attributed to our dedicated staff” said Vice President, Lynne Haughey. “Several of our staff members have been with us over 10 years, our success is their success. They have taken great care of many patients over the past twenty years, making them feel welcomed, safe and an important part of the research process."

Omega Medical Research is hoping to expand its operations into additional therapeutic areas.  If you are a physician and would like to know how you can enter into the field of clinical trials, please give Johnna Pezzullo, President/CEO a call at 401-739-9350 x228. 

Omega Medical Research – where the medicines of tomorrow are evaluated today celebrates their 20th anniversary in business.

Omega Medical Research
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